Special Projects

LogiMix – the perfect mix for east-West Freight Connections

A hectic schedule and an abnormal environment are great challenges to us. With extremely reliable partners and well-trained staff LogiMix Ltd. is always capable of finding the optimum solution for you at a reasonable price.

LogiMix Ltd. is your "Project Management" taking care of the entire movement. You can concentrate on your own business and let us do the rest.

The LogiMix concept is based on these kinds of tailored, often large air freight solutions, but as well on taking care of the entire chain or specific link in the chain.

LogiMix Ltd. offers unique packages that combine aircrafts, trucks and other means of transportation along with storage in co-operation with its business partners. LogiMix Ltd. specializes in Russian - American - European links and has also well-designed connections with Asia.

Our strength lies in our ability to find reliable partners in Russia, Finland and other parts of Europe. Take a chance and get the feeling of total freight management.

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