Charter flights

LogiMix Speciality: Large Air Freight Solutions

We have expedited a number of charter flights for extra heavy or large-volume items during the last two years. In almost all of these cases, the client has been a forwarding agency, an airline company or a world-wide courier company.

Helsinki is an ideal transit point for wide-body air freight, for jumbo traffic to and from continental Europe, because it is so close to Russia. This reduces the flight time to the most important destinations in Russia by as much as two hours. In addition, fewer over-flights are necessary, which means that flight plans are more easily filled and less paperwork in general is required. It is also worth noticing that Helsinki has the largest air cargo facilities in the Nordic countries.

LogiMix Ltd. co-operates with the best and most reliable airlines in Russia and the C.I.S. We accept as partners only companies, that have a firm commitment to safety and environmental demands. One of LogiMix Ltd.'s main competitive advantages is our advanced computer system for load planning. Unlike other companies, LogiMix Ltd. always plans and controls the loading. Limits for movements are more in your imagination than in our skills.

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